PDR Triumphs over Bodyshop

Posted: 23/8/2017

The owners of this Renault Clio spoke with multiple bodyshops who suggested an expensive solution was the only way to fix their damage. WRONG! They contacted us before making their final decision and we are glad they did! Bodywork restored 'like new' for a fraction of the cost of previous quotes!

This was a challenging repair, as you can see the badly damaged area was not flat. Our special PDR techniques had the dent repaired in no time.

So if you have suffered some car damage recently, it costs nothing to get a second opinion. Take a photograph of damaged area and send it to Dent Division via Whatsapp, Viber, Email, Messenger or text msg. We'll take a look and let you know if we can help. Life is always full of surprises when you look!

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