Structural Damage on Mini Repaired with PDR Techniques

Posted: 8/6/2016

This Mini Cooper had taken an impact directly on the rear light cluster which as you can see form the photos resulted in the rear lights needing replaced and a nasty dent in the panel behind, towards the top of where the light cluster had taken the hit.

This job presented alot of complexity, since the area behind the lights is very sculpted, with design lines and curves being part of the classic mini look. Normally, a bodyshop might just knock the main dent out, and then try to recreate the lines with filler and paint, but over time, the evidence will show and the quality would never be as good as original.

Fortunately in this case, since the light cluster had taken the impact, the paintwork behind actually had very little damage at all, and after Dent Division assessed the damage, PDR was deemed the best solution for a permanent fix.

Amazingly, after Darius from Dent Division had completed the PDR process, and the light cluster replaced with a new Mini item, there is now no evidence whatsoever that there had been any damage previously.

Our results speak for themselves...if you have a dent, no matter how complex it might appear, get in touch today for a fast assessment!

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